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Banking & Financial Institutions

BI and Data Analytics is transforming the banking and finance industry. In today’s ultra-competitive environment, financial institutions need to be as lean and efficient as possible. Using BI solutions to analyze operational expenses, organizations reduce ongoing costs and maximize existing resources and expertise. BI also enable financial organizations to analyse the vast amount of customer data to gain insights about customer needs and sentiments regarding banking that can be used to improve products and services.


Investment Banking



The Business Critical Reporting and Analytics



  • P&L Reporting
  • Balance Sheet
  • Gap Analysis
  • Just show me what is important
  • Transaction Metrics
  • Summary Report
  • Detail Report
  • Open Positions
  • Open Interests
  • Regulatory Reports
  • Cash Management
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Liquidity Management
  • Risk Management
  • Fixed Income


Money Market Analytics & Decision Support System


Analytics on Coupon Bearing Instruments

  • Money Market Deposits
  • Certificate of Deposits (CDs)
  • Repurchase Agreement (Repo)



Analytics on Discount Instruments

  • Treasury Bill (T-Bill)
  • Bill of exchange / Banker’s Acceptance (BA)
  • Commercial Paper (CP)
  • Analytics on Money Market Derivatives



  • Forward Rate Agreement
  • Interest Rate Future
  • Interest Rate Swap



Interest Rate Options on

  • Interest Rate Futures
  • FRAs (Interest Rate Guarantees (IRGs)
  • IRSs - Swaptions


Foreign Exchange Analytics & Decision Support System


Analytics on spot Transactions

  • Currency versus USD
  • Cross currencies Transactions


Analytics on Forward Outright transactions

Analytics on FX Swaps

Analytics on Foreign Exchange Derivatives

  • Synthetic Agreements for Foreign Exchange (SAFEs)

Currency Futures

  • On Cash
  • On Futures


Stock/Equity Market Analytics


Primary Market Analytics

  • Managing Initial Public Offering Analytics (Valuations, Registry services, Evaluation, Stock Allocation, Listing etc.)
  • Managing Follow On Public Offer



Secondary Market Analytics



  • Managing / Analytics on Preference Share
  • Managing / Analytics on Institutional Placement
  • Managing / Analytics on ADRs, GDRs



  • Managing Block Deals
  • Managing / Analytics on Participatory Notes
  • Managing Right Issue
  • Managing Stock Split
  • Managing Bonus shares issuance
  • Managing Dividend payouts


Asset Management Analytics

  • Analytics on Overall AUM and Business
  • Analytics on Daily Salas



  • Analytics on Channels (Distributors, Direct)



  • Analytics on Brokerage

    • Analytics on SIP


    • Analytics on Redemption and Purchases



    • Analytics on STP and SWP


    Portfolio Management Analytics

    • Security Analysis
    • Portfolio Analysis
    • Portfolio Selection
    • Portfolio Revision
    • Portfolio Evaluation
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